Weekly Journal 72 - Digital Garden

Digital Garden

Following on from my journal entry from last week, I spent a little time researching the concepts around a digital garden and evergreen notes. A digital garden is designed to capture notes and ideas to help with future exploration and refinement.

Unlike a library of notes, a garden is a loosely organized group of ideas. The purpose is to quickly capture ideas and notes from various sources and make it easy to review them. As you review these loose notes, you will naturally refine them into move complete notes and thoughts, and link them to other notes in the collection. If you are the kind of person of likes to get ideas and information from a variety of sources and combine them into something new, a digital garden may be a good fit for you.

I’m interested in pursuing this further, and will be working on workflow to help me capture more loose ideas and develop them into more complete thoughts and notes.

Cleaning Up

I have now removed all of the old Distributed Weekly posts from this blog. As mentioned previously, many of the links from my old posts are invalid or pointing to spammy domain squatter pages. I’d rather delete my old posts than risk sending traffic to spam pages that could potentially be hosting malware.