RSS Bandit

I’m switching my Windows RSS/ATOM reader from SharpReader to RSS
. SharpReader has served me well these past few years, but now
it’s time to move on. SharpReader hasn’t been updated in what feels like
eons, and I have outgrown it’s rather basic feature set. RSS Bandit
supports search folders, (a big plus for people who subscribe to more
than 100 feeds) is open source, and has an active developer community.

If your looking for a no-frills reader, then I would suggest
SharpReader. Once you figure out the basics, then I suggest you get
something else. For now, that’s going to be RSS Bandit on Windows. For
anybody who cares, my favorite reader on Linux is Akregator. I use
the reader plugin that integrates it with Kontact.

If anybody has suggestions for other readers on Linux (KDE) or Windows I
would love to hear them.