About Me

I am a technical manager specializing in the areas of continuous delivery, distributed systems, and automation. In my over 20 years of experience I have provided technology solutions to businesses as a manager, developer, and architect for a variety of technology, manufacturing, distribution, finance, and service companies.

I am currently the Director of Cloud Infrastructure Automation at VHT/Medallia, a technology company that specializes in customer experience optimization solutions. My team and I are responsible for building and maintaining the continuous integration and continuous delivery platforms, as well as helping our development teams adopt DevOps principles and practices. As a director, I focus on the planning and strategy of our cloud platform and enablement teams, and evaluating new technologies that can help us better deliver our cloud services. My current areas of interest include open source, Amazon Web Services, infrastructure automation, configuration management, microservices, and continuous delivery.

When not in front of the computer, I enjoy playing video and board games, soccer and cooking.