RIAA Wants to Change Definition of "Fair Use"

These two articles on Ars Technica and the
EFF tell
the story.

I’ve had it with the
They have turned the music industry into a legal morass. Now they are
trying to make it illegal to copy songs from a CD onto a portable music
player. At this point, I consider purchasing music from an RIAA label to
be more trouble than it is worth. What is the point of purchasing their
music if it is illegal to use it? Any future music purchases I make will
be for content that is licensed under a Creative Commons-style
license. I have made a few purchases in the past at places like
Magnatune, but now I will be dealing with companies like them

The RIAA and their pals the
can have their DMCAand their DRM, there are plenty of other
things for me to spend my disposable income on.