Another Look at "Agile" Development

I saw this over on Joel’s blog. Steve Yegge has written a long rant
about Agile Development. He makes some interesting points regarding the
practices of methodologies like XP and Scrumm.

“You know. Chumps. That’s the word I’m looking for. My bad-cholesterol
view was that Agile Methodologies are for chumps.

But I’ve had a lot of opportunity to observe various flavors of
Agile-ism in action lately, and I now think I was only about 90%
right. It turns out there’s a good kind of Agile, although it’s taken
me a long time to be able to see it clearly amidst all the hype and
kowtowing and moaning feverishly about scrums and whatnot. I have a
pretty clear picture of it now.”

Click here to read the entire essay.

For the record, I do like using index cards. :-)