Thinkpad T61 Wireless on Fedora 7

I recently purchased a new Lenovo Thinkpad T61 laptop to replace my
aging T22. I have been following the guide on Volker’s Wiki, and
thought I would add a small update for the wireless configuration. The
Intel 4965 wireless chipset does not work with Fedora 7 out of the box.
The guide on the wiki has the necessary instructions for building a
custom kernel with 4965 support. This is no longer necessary. Once you
complete the initial install, connect the T61 to the internet and
download the latest updates. This should include an update to kernel
version Once the updates have successfully installed, run
the command ‘yum install iwl4965-firmware’ to install the microcode for
the adapter. Once you reboot into the new kernel, the wireless adapter
should show up in the Network Configuration tool. Beats going through
the trouble of patching and compiling a custom kernel.