VMware 6 Upgrade

I recently upgraded my copy of VMware from 5.5 to 6.0. For the most
part I have been very happy with 5.5, but recently I have had some minor
issues with running Windows Vista and with some of the hardware on my
Thinkpad T61. I am happy to report the upgrade has fixed all of my
issues. In fact, the updates to the virtual display adapter drivers were
worth the price of admission alone. 5.5 did not properly support running
on a widescreen display but the 6.0 takes full advantage of the extra
width of my widescreen laptop display. Plus, it now has support for USB
2.0 devices (like my flash drive and my external hard drive) and support
for 64-bit host and guest operating systems. I would say it was
definitely worth the cost to upgrade.