All Good Things Must Come to an End

The “Distributed Weekly” post this week marks the four year anniversary
of my link blog covering integration and distributed systems. This will
also mark the last “Distributed Weekly” link post. After four years I
have decided it is time to hang it up. At this point there are better
ways to find interesting links out there. There are plenty of computer
algorithms capable of finding topical content faster than I can research
and curate links and they are getting better all the time. (My current
favorite is Prismatic) I have enjoyed curating links over the past
four years but I am ready to move on and use the time for some personal

I will continue to blog here and I am hoping that some of my new
projects will result in more long-form posts.

For those who are interested I will still post links to my Twitter
and Google+ accounts on occasion.

Thanks for reading.