ESB Toolkit: ESB Dispatcher Disassemble Pipeline Component

One of my favorite aspects of BizTalk is that there is always something new to learn. I have seen the ESB Dispatcher Disassemble component and I know it can be used to debatch an XML file and execute an itinerary. What I did not know is that it can be used to route a single message to multiple recipients. All you need to do is add a resolver for each destination endpoint to the routing service in the itinerary. The ESB Dispatcher Disassemble will generate one message for each configured resolver.

The one downside is that using this component can limit your options for selecting an itinerary. Since this is a disassemble stage component and it executes the itinerary, you need to select your itinerary in the decode stage. This means that none of the message context properties will be promoted and will not be available to the context resolver or the BRE resolver. If you can live with the limitations or are willing to build a custom decode stage component to assist with selecting the itinerary, the ESB Dispatcher Disassemble component is a relatively simple way to route a message to multiple destination endpoints using the ESB Toolkit.