2015 Favorite Books

I cannot believe 2015 is over already. That means it is once again time to review my favorite books for 2015. I read a lot this year, but only a few books. I was focused on learning more about distributed systems theory and that meant I read a lot of research papers instead. This coming year I will be looking to apply my distributed systems knowledge and learning about building applications and systems in the cloud. I also plan on putting a serious dent into my reading backlog.

Favorite Books 2015

  • Distributed Systems for Fun and Profit - This is a free ebook and it is a nice primer for learning about distributed systems. My favorite part is each chapter links to a number of relevant papers on the topic of the chapter. This was a primary source of papers I read this year.
  • Building Microservices - This is the book to read if your interested in learning how to build microservices. It is full of practical advice covering everything from
  • Lean Enterprise - If you are interested in learning how to apply Lea and Agile principles to large enterprise projects, then this is the book for you. Another book full of practical advice and not just theory.
  • Akka in Action - While this book is still in early access at the time of this post, it makes for a solid introduction to learning the actor model and Akka. It has a few rough edges still but I expect they will be ironed out by the time the final version is published.