New Year, New Adventure

New Job

In my last post, I mentioned that I was looking for a new job. Late last year I accepted an offer to become the DevOps Manager at VHT here in Akron, OH. I have held off on announcing it until now to allow StoneDonut to communicate my exit to their customers and partners. I have taken a much-needed vacation the first two weeks of this year, and have spent the past two weeks getting settled in my new position in DevOps.

Devving the Ops

I am very excited to be joining the DevOps team at VHT. I really enjoy working on tough technical problems and building tools and platforms for other developers. I think the DevOps space will be a great fit for my interests and my career growth. The opportunity at VHT was especially attractive as it will give me the opportunity to grow as a technical manager, while still allowing me to perform hands-on work as well. I am looking forward to using my development and integration experience to build the next-generation CI/CD platform for VHT’s development teams.

The Only Constant is Change

As one might expect, this career move will bring changes to my personal projects, including this blog. For most of my career, I have primarily worked with .NET, BizTalk, Azure, and other parts of the Microsoft stack. However, VHT is primarily a Linux and Amazon Web Services shop. As a result, the focus of this blog will shift to focus more on Continuous Delivery, AWS, and open source tools like Ansible and Jenkins. I plan on keeping somewhat current with C#, .NET Core and parts of Azure, but I will not be writing blog posts about BizTalk and enterprise integration any time soon. (Though maybe I will write up some posts about integrating open source tools together as part of a CD pipeline!) I am also hoping to write some posts about the custom tools and platforms we build at VHT.

On one hand, I am sad to leave StoneDonut. After 10 years, I definitely consider my former partners Chuck and Michael as mentors and friends. I most certainly would not be here without their help. However, I am also really excited to see where this new road leads. Thanks again for reading.