Got To Keep On

Where We Are Now

So, I have not been as regular with my blogging as would have liked for the first half of 2019. In my defense, I have been doing some work on the backend of the blog that has taken a bit more time than I originally expected. So in essence, I have been working on the blog, but it has not resulted in visible output in terms of posts.

Got To Keep On

Part of the work I have been doing can be seen in the new theme and layout. After trying out some newer alternative static site generators, namely Gatsby, Hugo, and Eleventy, I have decided to stick with Hexo as it has a better selection of ready-made themes and configurations for blogging. All the others would require additional custom development work that I am not really interested in undertaking at the moment.

After giving it some thought and doing some research, I have decided to keep the blog going. I am pretty sure that I am the only person who cares about this blog, but I do enjoy putting posts together when I have time. To that end, I have been looking for new hosting that will cost less, and reduce the amount of friction and manual work needed to create and publish posts. My current hosting is pre-paid through the end of 2019, and when we get closer to the end of year I plan on moving the blog to Netlify. They have a generous free tier that will do everything I need it to, plus it will add a continuous integration process that I can leverage to automatically publish new posts when I push them to source control.

The Future

With my upgrade project completed, and a plan for moving to new hosting, I should be able to get back to making new blog posts a little more frequently. Now that my hosting costs will be minimal, I do not feel like I need to pressure myself to post in order justify spending money on hosting. Maybe if I am feeling less stressed out about it, I will have more energy and desire to post more.

Thanks for reading.