Weekly Journal 7 - Zettelkasten Redux


This week I did not get to spend much time doing technical work, so this post will be short. We have a couple of major new initiatives at work that required my attention from a planning/managerial standpoint and that took up most of my time. However, I did get to spend some time working on my knowledge base.

Back to Zettelkasten

I have been continuing the work I discussed last week around organizing my research notes by topic. The interesting thing is that despite my efforts to not build a Zettelkasten, all my notes seem to naturally fall into the zettel model.

Rather than continue to fight against it, I have instead decided to embrace the Zettelkasten method and continue to hone my skills in building atomic notes. While it has been a bumpy ride as I have changed my mind on this topic a couple of times now, it feels good to be making forward progress.

What’s Next?

I am hoping I get the opportunity to work on some more Terraform updates for our AWS automation. However, I have some necessary administrative work I need to get done first, so we will have to see if I will have time.