Weekly Journal 17 - Zettelkasten, P.A.R.A. Method, COVID-19 Vaccine Round Two


This going to be a short post. This past week has not been great, and I am feeling the effects of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.


I think I am done with trying to build and maintain a Zettelkasten. It just doesn’t seem to fit with my goal of building a personal knowledge base. It feels like there is a lot of friction with getting notes into the system, and I am not getting any discernable value out of the notes I have entered so far. It has reached the point where I am actively avoiding working on it, which means it is time to try something different.

I think I would see more value in building a Zettelkasten if I were a writer, academic, or a professional researcher.

P.A.R.A. Method

Instead, I am going to start experimenting with the PARA Method. P.A.R.A. stands for Project, Areas of Responsibility, Resources, and Archives. It looks like it is built more for people who are project-focused, which I think will make it a better fit for me. I will be sure to write more about it as I learn more about it and get some experience using it.

What’s Next?

Right now I just want to get through the next couple of days and let the vaccine side-effects run their course. Hopefully I feel more like writing next week.