Weekly Journal 37 - Social Media, Personal Knowledge Base


I’ve concluded my experiment with more intensive filtering in Fosstodon, and I have restarted my quest for a personal knowledge base (PKB).

Social Media

After roughly two weeks, I think I have managed to tune my Fosstodon filters and block lists to remove most of the garbage. I still have a hunch I am just delaying the inevitable, but for now I will be keeping my account. I will be checking it and interacting with much less frequently, which should also help. I think Scuttlebutt still looks promising, and I may look into dabbling with it when I have some free time.

Personal Knowledge Base

I have been trying to get a personal knowledge base (PKB) going for the past few months without much success. So far I have been either dissatisfied with the tools I have looked at, and after restarting the effort several times I think I grew tired of trying. I still want a PKB, so I am going to start over once again. This time I am going to make a proper plan to help me choose a tool, and then I am going to stick with it. More on this topic as I get the project moving again.

What’s Next?

Getting my PKB started again, and maybe looking into some additional personal data analytics.