Weekly Journal 39 - Burnout, PKB


I think I more tired than burned out at the moment. Made some initial progress on setting up my personal knowledge base. (PKB)


The good news is I don’t think I am currently experiencing true burnout. The bad news is I am feeling really run down and tired lately, and that is likely a precursor for burnout if left untreated. Unfortunately I have some major work responsibilities at the moment that won’t permit me to take a break, but once this current project is past I plan on taking some time off to recuperate.


In the past I have tried out tool like Dendron and Foam to manage my PKB. While they have some nice features, they also add complexity and a rigid process that I am not interested in adopting. This time around I am attempting to build my own custom PKB toolkit. My plan is to build my PKB around Visual Studio Code and git, and augment it with other small tools that I either find or write myself.

Dendron is pretty close to what I want in a PKB tool, but it incorporates some things in its workflow that I would like to avoid. I want all my notes to be as close to plain text files as possible, and to have my tools work with those files. I don’t want to have my notes or their metadata stored in databases or other forms other than the text notes files. Depending on how this goes, I may end up going back to Dendron to avoid the hassle of having to maintain my own tools.

What’s Next?

Continuing my exploration of PKB tools and getting started on ingesting my existing notes.