Weekly Journal 43 - Dendron


I finally made a decision about tooling for my personal knowledge base.


After suffering from a bit of analysis paralysis, I have finally made a decisions on the tooling I am going to use to build a personal knowledge base (PKB). I looked at a number of tools, and it came down to either rolling my own PKB system, or using Dendron. Dendron covers around 90% of my use case, and the remaining 10% is all “nice-to-have” features that I can without in the short term.

These are the main features I was looking for:

  • Open source
  • Works with a regular text editor
  • Uses plain text Markdown documents
  • Supports linking between documents

Dendron does all that and then some. Dendron is an extension for Visual Studio Code which is my current editor of choice. Along with those features Dendron can automatically track backlinks, and provides some nice visualizations that show how all your documents are linked together.

Part of me really likes the idea of rolling my own system, but at the end of the day I want to use a PKB to support my other projects and not to build a PKB system. Now my next objective is to take all my existing notes and migrate them to Dendron.

What’s Next?

Working on migrating the remainder of my existing notes to my Dendron vault.