Weekly Journal 46 - Incident Management, Neovim


Things got worse at work, but I think things are on their way to getting better.

Incident Management

If you have to support any kind of production computer system, you will eventually have to deal with some sort of incident or outage event. When these events happen it’s important to keep in mind that most likely, people were doing the best they could with the information and tools they had available at the time. Instead of looking to point fingers, assign blame, and punish people instead it makes much more sense to take the opportunity to learn and improve. The “what” is way more important than the “who”.


Neovim is a fork of the Vim that adds a number of interesting features, including the use of Lua as a language for authoring plugins, and asynchronous execution for plugins. I’ve been a big fan of Vim for years. Even though I currently use Visual Studio Code as my primary editor, I only use it with a Vim plugin.

I am interested in seeing if Neovim can replace VS Code as my primary editor. It seems like it has matured to a point where there is a critical mass of the plugins that I would need, and in the general stability and usefulness of the editor itself. One of the features I have really liked in VS Code is the live preview window. This is great when working with document languages like Markdown. As you create the document, you can see the rendered output in the preview window. Recently I discovered there are similar plugins available for Neovim now, so I think it’s a good time to see if Neovim can become my daily driver.

What’s Next?

Hoping to get some needed rest over the Thanksgiving holiday break, and then once more into the breach.