Weekly Journal 63 - Logseq, Project Support


This week was pretty intense at work, include four late-night deployments. Between the stress, fatigue, and sleep deprivation I spent most of free time resting. Unfortunately that doesn’t make for much of a weekly blog post. I did poke around with a couple new productivity tools, but I didn’t make much in the way of progress on anything.


I have been looking for a project support tool to help manage the various artifacts that go with my projects. Ideally it would be able to consolidate notes, documents, schedules and other items and keep them associated with a project for easy reference and sharing. To that end I tried out a new outlining tool called Logseq that looked promising. While I think it’s outlining system is interesting, the tool itself purports to be open core instead of open source, so I won’t be adopting it for myself.

Second Brain Summit

One quick bonus item. There was a free conference this past week called the Second Brain Summit. It was a free virtual event, and if you are interested in productivity and note taking the videos are not available on YouTube.