Weekly Journal 64 - Dendron, Social Media

Dendron Project Management

I am experimenting with using Dendron to manage my personal projects. This week I copied my existing projects and notes into Dendron, and created an overview page. My hope is there are certain conveniences that will come with having both the projects and my reference knowledge base together. I would like to have a Kanban board for project management, but I can kind of approximate the same workflow inside a Markdown document without too much trouble.

Now all I need is for some time and energy so I can actually work on some of my projects.

Social Media

I have have been trying to decide whether or not I want to ditch social media, and I have finally made a decision to do so. The last few weeks I have noticed that I am wasting time scrolling through the public timelines on Mastodon. I’m not getting any real value from looking at the posts, and I’m tired of slogging through the morass of crypto-grifters, political shills, and other spammers. I went with the nuclear option and deleted my account entirely. Effectively, I no longer have a social media presence any more. I still have a LinkedIn account that I use for work purposes, but I rarely browse the timelines.

I’m curious to see if I feel better now that I won’t we wasting mental energy on social media. Towards the end it felt like I was spending most of my social media time blocking users and trying to filter out offensive material.

I will say that Fosstodon, the Mastodon instance my account was on, is one of the better instances in the Fediverse. If you are into social media and Free/Open Source software I would recommend it if you are looking to get started in the Fediverse. My complaints apply more to the broader Fediverse and shouldn’t be taken as complaints against the instance itself.