Weekly Journal 71 - Note Taking Styles, Housecleaning

Note Taking Styles

I stumbled over a video about [note taking styles][0] this week. This video defined three different archetypes for building long-term notes collections that I found very interesting. I continue to struggle with building out my own personal knowledge base. For some reason I just haven’t felt very motivated to take notes and put them into the system. This video leads me to believe that at least part of my struggle is that I am trying to solve the wrong problem with my current approach to note taking and the tools I am using.

This dove-tails nicely with another video I watched about [restarting your Bullet Journal practice][1]. I haven’t stopped using my own Bullet Journal, but one of the key causes of people stopping their practice is a misalignment with how they are using the journal with the problem they are trying to solve. I think I have a similar misalignment with my current personal knowledge base practice.

After watching the first video, I think I identify most closely with the Gardener archetype, but I have been trying to take notes like an Architect. I think I need to do some more thinking and experimenting, but at least I have some hope that I can find a good note taking groove and finally start developing a proper personal knowledge base.


I also noticed this week that a large number of the links from my old “Distributed Weekly” link blog posts are no longer working. In some cases the site I originally linked to is gone, or the site removed/restructured the articles I was linking to, or some spammy domain squatter has taken over the domain. Rather than having a site full of broken links, I am thinking about removing the “Distributed Weekly” posts from the archive. Removing these outdated posts should also help clean up the insane number of tags that get generated.

[0] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3dDVtJ2sec “Pick a Notes App: Your Notetaking Style (Part 1)”
[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4TOBJSix9M “4 Ways to Restart Your Bullet Journal Practice”