Weekly Journal 73 - Bookmarks


A short post this week about some ideas around web bookmarks that I’m working through. For several years I have been using Pinboard to store and “organize” my bookmarks. I put organize in quotes because over time my bookmark collection eventually becomes a chaotic mess of tags and other noise. I like that it makes it easy to save links for future review and that it is available on both desktop and mobile devices, but it doesn’t seem to help or encourage me to process my bookmarks.

I am also thinking about whether or not I should store bookmarks in my knowledge base. Generally, I will do one of three things with a given bookmark after reading the article:

  • Reread the article while taking detailed notes
  • Store the link in my bookmark collection for future reference
  • Discard it

Detailed notes with a link to the original article obviously belong in my knowledge base, but I am thinking about also including reference bookmarks in the knowledge base too. I like the idea of having my reference bookmarks available in the same place so I can use the same tools to maintain them and search through them. Instead of a bookmark collection manager, I would initially save new links into a read it later list and then process those items for inclusion in my knowledge base.

There are probably some downsides to this plan, so I think I’ll try it out with a few bookmarks and see how it goes.