Weekly Journal 75 - Vacation


This week I took a couple of days off for a family vacation. We stayed in Dayton, Ohio and visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter features a life-size recreation of the ark as described in Genesis. It features a mix of facts based on the information in Genesis, and some speculation on how things might have worked in the areas that aren’t covered in the biblical text. They did a really good job of making it clear when they were speculating, and it added some extra color to the exhibit. For example, they have displays on the animals that may have been on the ark, and logistics plans for the feeding, watering, and caring for all those creatures.

There were exhibits documenting the creation, the fall of man, and the run up to flood. There were also some very interesting displays concerning the scientific evidence for a great flood. The tickets were a little pricey, but not too bad. Overall I enjoyed and would recommend it.

National Museum of the United States Air Force

If you like the history of airplanes and flight, with an emphasis on military aircraft, you would love the Air Force Museum. I visited the museum many years ago when I was a child. It has more than doubled in size since then. It features exhibits of both model and actual aircraft covering the early years of flight with the Wright Brothers, World War I and World War II, and modern aircraft from the wars in Southeast Asia and the Cold War. It even has a collection of presidential aircraft and artifacts, including a retired Air Force One Boeing 747, and exhibits from the space program.

Admission to the museum is free, and the only ask for a small donation to cover the cost of the paper maps if you choose to take one. We spent four hours, and I think we could have easily spent two days hear alone. I highly recommend a visit if you are into airplanes.