Weekly Journal 87 - SourceHut, Akron Makes, OLF 2022


I’ve spent the past several weeks mulling over my choice of code forge and I have decided to embrace principles over pragmatism this time. This means I have decided to become a paying customer of SourceHut, and it will become the primary code forge for my personal projects. I will continue to maintain mirrors of my work on GitHub for now. I recognize that not everyone wants to learn a new tool and GitHub is the runaway leader in this space. I guess that means I’m still embracing some pragmatism after all.

Akron Makes

The Akron-Summit County Public Library held their annual maker event, Akron Makes, yesterday. While it wasn’t as big as it has been in previous years, there were still plenty of interesting exhibits to check out. There was a little something for everyone. We saw exhibits for maker spaces, robot clubs, art, candle making, ham radio, and space. Many of the exhibitors have interactive activities, and it is a great experience for kids. Becoming an exhibitor is open to the community and they encourage everyone who has a maker hobby to share it. I’m definitely looking forward to attending again next year.

OLF 2022

Ohio’s premier conference on open source technology and free culture is back again for 2022. Looks like it will be held in Columbus, OH again this year on December 2nd and 3rd. I am looking forward to many new sessions on Linux, FreeBSD, and many topics related to open source and free software. The past two years I’ve only been able to attend virtually, but this year I am planning to be there in person. OLF is a fantastic grass-roots conference and I look forward to attending every year. For more information check out the OLF website