Weekly Journal 116 - Technology Radar, Everbook

Technology Radar

Thoughtworks has published the latest edition of their technology radar this past week. The technology radar documents changes in software development that the teams at Thoughtworks find interesting. I find it interesting to see the techniques and tools that other developers are using and how they differ from what I use. While it’s a highly subjective opinion more than a formal analysis, I always find it interesting to read and generally useful.


I stumbled over a different take on analog note taking and organization called the Everbook. It reminds me a lot of the Bullet Journal I already use, but I think it has some advantages over the normal journal notebooks I use. Instead of a fixed notebook, the Everbook is a leather folio designed to hold bundles of loose paper folded in half. The idea is you can create several bundles, like a journal bundle, project bundles, etc. and use the leather folio to keep them all together. It’s a little pricey, so I may try using the templates and the technique without the actual Everbook at first so I can see how it works for me. I think I can easily combine it with the Bullet Journal method and use it to overcome a few of the annoyances I have with the limitations of the journal notebooks.