Weekly Journal 118 - Omnivore, DNS


Last week I mentioned I was committing to using Logseq to manage my notes. This week I discovered Omnivore, a read-it-later app that integrates with Logseq. Instead of adding web articles to my bookmarks, instead I add them to my Omnivore list. Omnivore provides a distraction-free reader view along with integrated highlights and notes. After I finish reading and marking up an article, I assign a special tag which tells the Logseq integration to import my highlights and notes along with article metadata. It is helping to reduce the friction I was experiencing with other tools by making it easier to create notes from articles and get them imported into my notes tool.

Omnivore is fully open source and supports self hosting. I’m using their hosted version (which is free to use) but I may look at hosting it myself in the future.

Build Your Own DNS

If you’ve ever wanted to go deep on learning how DNS works, Julia Evans has published a new site called Implement DNS in a Weekend. (via Simon Willison) The site is a tutorial that shows you how to build a DNS resolver in Python. I’m not sure when I’ll have the time, but someday I would like to go through this tutorial.