Weekly Journal 120 - scoop, asdf, Mojo


A small rant. Scoop makes it super easy and convenient to install CLI tools in Windows. Scoop installs everything into your home directory, and new tools are added frequently.

Linux, near as I can tell, does not have an equivalent. The closest I have found is asdf, but it’s not quite the same thing, and asdf doesn’t add new tools to their repository as quickly.

In the year 2023 it just seems weird to me that it is more difficult to install CLI developer tools in Linux than in Windows.


Mojo is a new programming language that combines C/C++ level performance with Python syntax. It’s being targeted towards AI and data science developers who have a need for higher performance than standard Python can deliver. While it sounds interesting, I’m not going to be paying any attention to it. It’s not open source, and it doesn’t look like there is a clear path to get there beyond some vague statements around making it open source eventually. I suspect it will end up being an open core offering, and will keep advanced functionality locked behind a proprietary license. If I’m wrong and it truly becomes an open source language I’ll be happy to reevaluate my opinion, but until then I think my time is better spent on existing open source language options.