Weekly Journal 122 - Journal

Weekly Journal Meta Thoughts

I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection this past week, so today I’m going to record a few thoughts around the purpose and cadence of this blog. Here are some random thoughts that have been running through my head related to my blog posting activity over the last year or so:

  • The weekly cadence was good for developing a regular posting habit, but I feel like it would be better if I posted my thoughts more often instead of saving them until the end of the week.
  • Some weeks I really struggle to find something to blog about, but I feel like I should post something to maintain the habit.
  • Blogging isn’t a great way to develop ideas. Publishing static articles in reverse date order doesn’t lend itself to ideas that change over time.
  • Per my blog statistics very few people actually read my ramblings. Maybe it’s time to hang it up and reclaim some time. I’ve never done this with the purpose of building a large audience or making money, but if I’m basically talking to myself it would be considerably less effort to keep my thoughts in my private journal instead of publishing them online.
  • My most popular posts are ones I wrote several years ago and have to be woefully outdated. I am honestly baffled that people are still searching for these things in 2023.

I’ll be curious to see what I think about this stuff once I’m feeling better. Maybe these thoughts are merely the product of sleep deprivation and medication.