Weekly Journal 126 - Firefox, Red Hat


A short one this week. I’ve been using Firefox (again) as my primary browser for several months now, and sadly I’ve run into a few websites that just don’t render correctly and are therefore are unusable. Sadly, one of them is an insurance website I need to access. Everything works fine in a Chrome-based browser so clearly they just aren’t bothering to test against Firefox. While I really hate the idea of a browser monoculture, I also hate friction in my daily tools. I’m going to keep using Firefox for now, but if I keep encountering sites that fail to work correctly I’ll likely be switching back to something like Vivaldi.

Red Hat

Joe Brockmeier has two more blog articles about the history of Red Hat and the various clone Linux distributions. I don’t agree with everything, but this is a fascinating view of Linux history, even for somebody old enough to remember these events.