Weekly Journal 131 - Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

For several years now I’ve been using the Moleskine medium-sized dotted notebooks for my bullet journals. I tend to buy several notebooks at a time, and then order more when my inventory gets low. Last time I ordered notebooks, I paid around $9 for each notebook, which I thought was a reasonable price. I went to purchase more notebooks this week, and was shocked to see the price has jumped to around $23 per notebook. While I think they are very nice notebooks, I don’t think they are worth $23. (For comparison an official Bullet Journal notebook costs $28)

After looking around a bit, I’ve found some alternative notebooks that I’m going to try instead. The first two I’ve purchased are Lemome and Ursunshine. I bought them from Amazon for $12 and $6 respectively. Both are close in size of the Moleskine notebook, and both come with similar features like the hard cover, the elastic strap that keeps the notebook closed, and an attached bookmark ribbon. Both also come with an attached pen loop, which the Moleskine doesn’t, so that’s an upgrade I’m looking forward to trying out. The Lemome is a bit thicker due to it’s use of a heavier grade of paper.

I also picked up some Elan Field Book notebooks for those times when I want to take some rough notes without junking up my main journal. They are also nice because they fit easily into a pants pocket if I want to take something with me.