Weekly Journal 148 - Logseq, Omnivore, Podcasts

Logseq and Omnivore

Last week I was lamenting that the Omnivore plugin for Logseq had stopped working. A couple of days ago I figured out why. In the plugin, you can configure a custom query to select which articles get imported into Logseq. My query was defined as label:logseq-import and in:archive, and had been working well for several months. Apparently they’ve changed the query language a little bit, so that query now returns an empty set. The fix was to change the query to label:logseq-import AND in:archive. Now everything is working again as expected.

I’ve been playing around a little with how I import articles and highlights into Logseq. I tried creating a separate page for each article, but that feels like a lot of unnecessary work. After thinking about it for a bit, I ended up moving all my newly imported articles into the Logseq journal. Along with putting articles in the journal, I add a few metadata items, Logseq calls them properties, to each article to make it easier to find it later. This works well since Logseq automatically creates pages for tags, and has a really solid search system.

From there I can create new pages to record my own thoughts and insights, and link that page to the article block in the journal for reference.


Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, FLOSS Weekly, and they announced that the episode recorded this week would be the last. Apparently Twit is having some financial struggles and is ending some of their shows that don’t make enough money from advertisers and supporters. I’ve been a listener of FLOSS Weekly for well over a decade now. I guess all good things must come to an end.