Cleveland Day of .NET Recap

Today was the Cleveland Day of .NET conference and I had a wonderful
time hanging out with other .NET geeks in Northeast Ohio. The event took
place at the Hilton Cleveland East Beachwood Hotel. The conference
consisted four tracks, and each track had seven sessions covering topics
ranging from ASP.NET MVC to WCF security. While everything is still
fresh in my memory I wanted to jot down my impressions of my favorite
sessions. Out of the seven sessions I attended, there were three that
really stood out as being my favorites.

  • Test-Driven Development with ASP.NET MVC - This session was
    conducted by Alan Stevens was nice concise introduction to the
    magic of TDD and how the ASP.NET MVC framework helps to make
    doing TDD with web application development easier. I was already
    familiar with TDD, but I enjoyed seeing an introduction to the MVC
    framework and how it has been designed with testing in mind. Plus,
    Alan was an excellent presenter. I was also intrigued by how similar
    the MVC framework is to Ruby on Rails.
  • Designing for Change: Inversion of Control and Dependency
    - The presenter for this session was Nate Kohari, a
    fellow resident of Akron. His presentation introduced the how and
    why of using a dependency injection framework and featured Nate’s
    own DI project, Ninject. Being a BizTalk developer, I do not get
    many chances to work with something like DI, but I feel like I have
    a better grasp on what DI is and when I would choose to use it.
    Despite Nate’s claim of being a rookie presenter and a small glitch
    with the projector, this was another excellent session.
  • Project Astoria and the Semantic Web - This was my favorite
    session of the day. The presenter was Chris Woodruff, and he
    discussed what Project Astoria (aka. ADO.NET Data Services) is
    and what can be done with this new data services framework. In a
    nutshell, Astoria is used to wrap and expose a data source as a web
    service. From a systems integration standpoint, this framework looks
    very promising as a way of quickly exposing legacy data sources as
    web services. From there it should be a fairly simple matter to then
    consume those services inside of a BizTalk application. I really
    want to setup a testing VMware image to try out this idea.

So once again, I had a fabulous time at Cleveland Day of .NET, and I
hope they put it on again next year. I want to send out a big “Thank
You!” to all of the people who worked to organize, present and sponsor
this event. Who knows, maybe next year I will submit a topic and do a
presentation myself.