Configuring BizTalk 2006 R2 for AS2: Part 0

I have been working on building a BizTalk solution for processing
EDI transactions. These transactions needed to be processed through
a Value Added Network (VAN) and AS2 was chosen as the protocol
for communicating with the VAN. I spent a fair amount of time combing
through the BizTalk documentation and many blog posts in order to get
the AS2 bits properly configured. I am going to run a series of posts
over the next week or so in order to capture this information so that I
can easily access it next time I need to configure an AS2 system. I plan
on covering all aspects of AS2 configuration including setting up the
receiving endpoint in IIS, generating and installing the security
certificates, setting up trading partner profiles and setting up a
BizTalk application with the proper settings for send and receive ports.
I hope this series will be useful for anybody else who is setting up an
AS2 connection in BizTalk for the first time.

Update: I’ve added some additional external links that explain some
of the technologies and acronyms used in this post.