Hexo Global License Plugin

Hexo Global License

One of the Pelican features I really liked was the global license plugin. This plugin took a configurable string representing a license statement and placed it into the footer of every page on the site. In my case, this was pretty handy as I license all of my blog content as CC-BY-SA and this way I did not have to remember to include an explicit license statement on each post.

Hexo did not have this functionality, so I sat down and built a Hexo plugin to mimic the behavior of the Pelican plugin. Thus, hexo-global-license was born. Since I use a Creative Commons license for all of my content, I built in support for all of the latest Creative Commons licenses. Add the appropriate settings to the config.yml file and the plugin will add the appropriate license text, image and link to the Creative Commons website. In the case where you want to use a different license, you can set the license type to custom and then include the text you want in the configuration.

The plugin is available on npm, and once I use it some more and shake out any major bugs I will submit it for inclusion in the Hexo plugins registry. If you try it and encounter problems, or if you have ideas to improve it please file an issue on the GitHub page.