Running xUnit Tests with VSTS


A few weeks ago I set up my first automated build pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services. For the most part it was fairly easy to setup and configure, but I ran into some issues getting my xUnit tests to run. The fix is simple, but I figure I will not be setting up these builds very often and I do not want to have to figure it out again in the future.

The Problem

Note: These instructions apply to the full .NET Framework, not .NET Core. I followed the instructions in the xUnit documentation for configuring the test runner for VSTS. The documentation said to set the Test Assembly field to the following:


However, when the test step of the pipeline would execute, it would raise a warning that it could not find any test assemblies that conformed to the above pattern. I tried fiddling with the other options, but the pipeline still could not locate the test assemblies.

The Solution

Thankfully, the solution is very simple. Instead of setting the Test Assembly field to a one line expression, break it into two lines and remove the trailing semicolon:


Once I made this change, the test step was able to find the test assembly and execute the tests. My best guess is that a VSTS update made changes to the Test Assembly field and the xUnit documentation has not been updated yet.

Hopefully this blog post will help others who run into this issue, as well as future me next time I need to setup a VSTS build.