Weekly Journal 49 - Personal Knowledge Base, Bitwarden


I determined I have trying to hard with personal knowledge base (PKB) project, and have decided to start over again.

Personal Knowledge Base

I had a realization this week that I have been over-complicating my attempts to build a PKB by trying to use a complex tool. Armed with that realization, I am going to start over again with a much simpler approach. This time I am going to start with some simple tools, and look to add additional tooling and functionality when I determine I need it.

My starter toolkit will consist of the following programs:

  • git: for tracking and versioning of my notes
  • neovim: as the editor for my notes
  • vim-markdown: for Markdown syntax highlighting

That is it. I want to give this a shot and see how it goes. Instead of trying to adopt my thinking and workflow to match an existing tool, I am going to build a custom PKB system around my own workflow.


I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a Bitwarden premium plan. I’ve used LastPass for several years, but I feel much better about supporting an open source project with my money instead of a proprietary service. Bitwarden has import tools for most of the major password managers out there, so switching was reasonably painless. So far I am very happy with how it works.

What’s Next?

Getting my new PKB up and running.