Weekly Journal 50 - Neovim, Bullet Journal


This week I started using Neovim more. My personal projects were derailed by a combination of year-end stuff for work and a couple of home emergencies.


I wanted to work on my PKB this week, but life had other plans. I did start using Neovim as my primary editor on my personal computer though. In fact, this blog post was authored using Neovim instead of VS Code. It’s going to take a bit to get readjusted to using a true Vim editor again, but I am enjoying it so far.

Bullet Journal

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time for me to start setting up a new physical notebook for 2022. In this new notebook I am going to experiment with a new layout. First up is the future log. I have struggled a bit with using the future log as it is described in the official Bullet Journal book. In the book, the future log takes up four pages, with each two-page spread being split up into six quadrants. Each quadrant respresents one month. I have always struggled with this layout, as for some months I seem to always run out of room, while some others I have a mostly blank slate. In my next notebook I am going to try using something called the Alistair Method instead. This consists of a normal list for future log entries, with a column for the month. It looks like a much easier and more efficient way to track future events in my notebook.

I have been experimenting with the Alistair method adapted to my weekly chores and that has been working well so far.

As part of my year end planning and notebook setup, I also like to do an annual reflection exercise to look back at my notebook and see which parts/layouts were the most helpful, which ones need some changes to improve their usefulness, and which ones are mostly a waste of space and time.

What’s Next?

Probably not much as I wrap up work for the year and get ready for Christmas.