Weekly Journal 80 - Dendron

Last week I was suffering from seasonal allergies, and as a result I didn’t have anything interesting to write about. This week has been more of the same, but I do have one little tip I wanted to share about Dendron.


I have been frustrated with my use of Dendron due to a few bugs that have shown up over the past month or so. One of them in particular was blocking the use of the Dendron: Show Note Graph feature. Whenever I opened a Dendron workspace, I would get an error message about the showNoteGraph function already being registered. When I first installed Dendron, it recommended a handful of additional extensions and I installed those too. It turns one of those extensions has a conflict with more recent versions of the core Dendron extension.

If you have both the core Dendron extension and the Dendron Markdown Links extension installed, you may see the same error. If that is the case, if you disable or uninstall the Dendron Markdown Links extension and restart VS Code the error should stop appearing, and you should be able to use the Dendron: Show Note Graph command again.