Weekly Journal 92 - Pulumi Deployments

Pulumi Deployments

This week, Pulumi released a new feature called Pulumi Deployments that I think looks really interesting. In essence, they’ve taken their existing Automations API functionality, and incorporated it into their hosted service portal. This makes it easy to run Pulumi programs without having Pulumi locally installed.

The Deployments feature supports three triggers. First, you can configure it to watch a GitHub repository, and automatically run the deployment program when it detects changes to specific branches. Second, you can trigger a deployment directly in the service web console. Third, there is a REST API that can be used to programmatically run a deployment from the hosted service.

I want to take a closer look at all three deployment types, and at the Automations API. I think there could be several scenarios where these tools could help enable better self-service infrastructure automation.