Weekly Journal 98 - Digital Garden Tools

Digital Garden Tools

I quick follow up on my digital garden journal entry from a couple weeks ago. So far I haven’t found an open source tool that feels like it fits my desired workflow. Out of all the tools I’ve tried, Dendron is the one I like best so far. A couple of people recommend I try Obsidian, so I did. Obsidian is a very nice tool, and I love the fact it stores everything as plain text Markdown files, but I really want my entire toolchain to be open source tools

Ideally, I would like my tools to support the following:

  • Authoring files in my choice of text editor
  • Store data as plain text Mardown files
    • I would also accept storing data in an open database like SQLite
  • Versioning support with something like git
  • Automatic backlinks
  • Support for wikilinks syntax
  • Static site publishing

For now, I’ll be using Dendron and I will continue my search for the ideal open source toolchain.