Weekly Journal 99 - Bullet Journal, OneNote

Bullet Journal

I’ve increased my usage and reliance on my bullet journal these past six months. I even purchased the official, “BuJo: Basics & Beyond” online course to help me fill in some gaps in my understanding of the bullet journal method. Out of the course I picked up some additional ways to use the reflection practice, which is like a periodic review, as a feedback mechanism for self-improvement. I am a big fan of experiment and feedback loops like kaizen and the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle. The additional work I’ve been doing to incorporate reflection into my journal is helping to provide additional data to help me find areas where I need to focus more.


We’re converting from Office365 to Google Apps at work, and I stumbled over a change that Microsoft has made to OneNote that I wasn’t aware of. In the past, the OneNote desktop client and website had the ability to export OneNote assets in various formats. At some point apparently Microsoft decided they wanted to take your data prisoner, and removed this functionality. Luckily, I didn’t have a whole lot of work data stored in OneNote, so I was able to copy and paste it into some text documents. However, this is a big problem for OneNote users who have stored significant amounts of data in that program. This is why I’m adamant about only using an open source program that stores data in an open format for my personal knowledge base. Not cool, Microsoft.

Happy New Year

With that, I’ll wish everyone still reading a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you all in 2023. Thanks for reading.