Weekly Journal 101 - Project Management, Firefox

Project Management

This is a continuation of the ideas I was working on last week. Rather than trying to do everything in my knowledge base, I’m looking at adding a project/task management tool to my workflow. My Bullet Journal will still be my primary source for capturing projects and tasks as they arise, but I think it will be easier to track larger projects and recurring tasks in a digital tool. I’m currently running a trial with Todoist and Microsoft To Do. I haven’t found a good open source task tracking app that works across devices well, so I’m evaluating proprietary tools instead. I don’t particularly want to self host at the moment.

So far I like Todoist best, but Microsoft To Do doesn’t incur additional costs. I’ll keep using them for the next few weeks and see where I end up. Todoist has simple Kanban board functionality, and that is likely to push it over the top. I really like the visualization that a Kanban board provides for larger, longer running projects.


I’m also giving Firefox another shot on my personal computers. Sadly, Vivaldi has started crashing regularly on my Android tablet. I use that tablet to read blogs and articles, so I need to look at an alternative browser. I don’t really like any of the other Chrome-based browsers, so I’m looking to see if Firefox will get the job done. When I switched to Vivaldi originally, Firefox was struggling with rendering performance. I’m interested to see if the situation has improved.