Weekly Journal 102 - Project Management, Firefox Redux

Project Management

After working with Todoist and Microsoft To Do for a week, Todist is the clear winner for my use case. Microsoft To Do is pretty good if all you need is a simple task list, but I really like Todoist’s pseudo-kanban boards for visualizing larger projects. I’m still on the fence about adding another tool to my workflow, especially one that is proprietary. I’ll continue experimenting with it for another week or two before I make my final decision.


My first week back with Firefox is going mostly well. On the whole, it looks like Firefox has made significant performance improvements from when I used it last. I still encounter the occasional problem with websites that apparently only test against Chrome, but it’s working fine for all of my important online tasks. I’m going to continue using it, and it’s likely I’ll slowly transition to using it as my primary browser.