Weekly Journal 106 - Massive Wiki, DuckDuckGo

Massive Wiki

I stumbled over the Massive Wiki open source project while listening to the latest episode of the FLOSS Weekly podcast. Massive Wiki is a tool and a process for building large, distributed wiki sites. The wiki is created as a collection of Markdown documents stored in a git repository, and there is additional tooling to convert the Markdown documents into static HTML pages for easy publishing. Looking at the feature set, this could be a good candidate for creating a digital garden.

I don’t know if this is the tool I’ve been searching for, but I want to evaluate it against some of the other static site generators I’ve worked with to see how it stacks up.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but for the past month of two, it feels like the search results from DuckDuckGo have gotten noticeably worse. I’ve found myself switching to Google more often for what I thought would be fairly straightforward searches for technical documentation. With DuckDuckGo I was seeing some rather odd results, but with Google I was getting the results I expected. Odd.