Weekly Journal 107 - Massive Wiki Redux, Digital Garden

Massive Wiki

I spent some time this week testing out Massive Wiki. Unfortunately it’s pretty basic and lacks important features like RSS and ATOM feed support. I think it’s a project I’ll keep an eye, but it’s too immature at the moment for what I need.

Digital Garden

I read an article this week that made me rethink how I’ve been viewing the idea of digital garden. Initially I was viewing it as an alternative or replacement for my current blog and my digital notes. I think I was focusing a little too literally on the idea of “evergreen notes”. This article made a case for having a digital garden in addition to having notes and a blog. Notes is where new ideas are captured. Ideas are then developed and linked together in the digital garden. Once those ideas reach a certain level of maturity they can be turned into something more permanent like a blog post. It’s an interesting idea and something I want to think about some more.

Sadly, I’ve misplaced the link to the article, but if I manage to find it again I will add it to this post.