Weekly Journal 138 - Logseq, Neorg, Astro, Hugo


After thinking about it some more, I plan on sticking with Logseq for my digital notes. I have an investment there already, and they haven’t actually done anything “evil” yet. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I won’t be looking to change my digital notes app unless they do something bad.

I’ll continue to watch Neorg and Foam with interest, but for now Logseq is going to be my tool of choice.

Hugo and Astro

I’ve been trying out other static site generators, and I think both Hugo and Astro look like they would be good fits. Both have support for internal links and the ability to create multiple content hierarchies, and look like they would be good for my blog/digital garden combination site. I’m currently leaning towards Hugo at the moment as it looks to be somewhat simpler to manage.

Hexo and Zola

Unfortunately, I’ve had to pass on both Hexo and Zola. Hexo doesn’t support internal links, which makes it difficult to use for a digital garden, and Zola lacks permalink templates, which means all my existing blog URLs would change. I think I would probably use Zola if I didn’t have an existing blog, but I really don’t want to break all external links to my blog.