Weekly Journal 139 - Hugo, Atuin, Small Tech


I’ve settled on Hugo as the static site generator for the next iteration of my blog. Now begins the arduous task of migrating all my existing posts to the new engine. I need to find a theme that will work well with my plans to add a digital garden, and I need to learn more about how Hugo does request routing.


I have been wanting to try out Atuin for enhanced command history management. I finally installed it and set it up, and it has been really great. Atuin takes your Linux command history from the terminal and puts it into a database so you can perform advanced searches and filtering. It also enhances the Ctrl-r experience by replacing it with a new terminal UI that lets you view and search your history. So far really like it and I would recommend trying it out if you access your history frequently looking for commands.

Small Tech

Finally, for this week, I learned about the Small Technology Foundation from the FLOSS Weekly podcast. They are a non-profit dedicated to building web tools and applications for individuals that respect your privacy and security. They are looking to build out what they call the Small Web using simple tools that enable end-to-end encryption and federated access. It looks like the technology is still in the early stages, but it’s something I want to keep an eye on. It reminds me in a lot of ways of Gemini, without the need to learn a whole new protocol and markup language.