Weekly Journal 142 - Hugo


I’m still working on getting Hugo fully up and running. The last thing I need to figure out is how to generate an ATOM feed. I’ve seen a couple of forum and blog posts that show how to generate an ATOM feed using a custom layout, and I also found a Hugo ATOM module on GitHub that I would like to try out.

Alternatively, I think I could use the default RSS feed and configure a 302 redirect from the old ATOM URL to the RSS URL. I think most modern feed readers would be able to follow the redirect and load the RSS feed. That feels sloppy to me though, so I’m trying to avoid doing that if I can. On the other hand, the module I found is a fork of a module that was last updated in 2022. I’m not sure that I want to take a dependency on something that is likely to be abandoned vs. using a standard feature in the main distribution.