Weekly Journal 141 - Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

This week I watched a Bullet Journal video about augmenting the rapid logging technique with something called interstitial journaling. The idea is that you use your written journal to record context switches throughout the day so that you can better learn about what is getting your attention each day.

When you have to switch contexts, you record three things in your journal:

  1. The current time, so that you know when the context switch happened
  2. Notes about the task or event that is being interrupted
  3. Notes about the task or event you are going to start next

The notes in the second step can help you resume the task when you get back to it, and the notes in the third step can record the context around why you are changing tasks. My work day is full of interruptions and I’m going to try using this technique to help me stay focused on the important work and to not succumb to the tyranny of the urgent.