Weekly Journal 152 - Linux, Python


This week I learned my work laptop is going to be replaced by an Apple laptop of some sort. Apparently that’s the standard and somehow I slipped through the cracks with my existing Windows laptop. Sadly, that means I’ll lose access to my openSuse Tumbleweed installation on WSL. One of the reasons I chose Tumbleweed is so I would have a consistent distribution across my home and work machines. Looks like that plan is dead, so maybe it’s time to look at other distributions for home. I had trouble previously installing NixOS but I’d like to try it again.


This week I started working on my personal project. So far I’ve started experimenting with FastAPI with Pydantic data models. I’m still learning how everything fits together and so far I’ve done is to build a few simple data models and some basic API routes to run tests with.

I’ve also installed Pre-commit and Ruff as part of my development toolchain. I’m a big fan of opinionated code formatters and the linter is helping me to write more idiomatic Python. At some point I would like to compare Ruff to other tools like Black and Flake8 to see if it has any missing rules.

As I get more comfortable with these packages, I will be looking for a logging package next. I figure I may need one to help with debugging the API as it grows.